The Concord Would Be In Love Right Now

by San-Ei



This is the very first mini album by a lo-fi indiefolk/emo act, San-Ei.


released December 27, 2011

Recorded at EZ's Bedroom on November 27th 2011
Music by San-Ei
Lyrics by San- Ei

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San-Ei Jakarta, Indonesia

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Track Name: Footnotes
Its a long way down
We've been in this sandy road
Such a long long day
From cold to the african heat

We'll make a shot to the world
We take our bike arround the land
Away to somewhere
We'll write our story today

From the crowded urban road
To a nowhere rural place
We set our tend
Get sleep under the heat of fireplace

We see a lot of face
We see a lot of things
All of these memories
Could never ever dismissed

Thousand miles away from home
How the kids doing there
Tell daddy is arround
He'll bring a new storytell

Shape the note with the words
Our pen will shape the worlds
The million things to reach
We'll face the untouchable

Away from the scratch
Take a closer step to see
Deep down take a breath
Release your boredom routine
Track Name: Clear Eyes Wide Heart
We made a plague on that stone
To chase the sun and fly
We flew a whisper of east wind
To stare our space in fire

This skyscape is godamn wide
But we will reach the northen lights

Bend your arms to look like wings
Be tough to face this hard life
Don't let yourself lost in the storm
Shape yourself as a conqueror

Don't regret for who you are
Cause everyone deserves for a victory
Set yourself on the right path
Be sure you can climb the mountain
no matter how high
Track Name: Urban
There's no reason to stop
The wheel would keep rolling
To live underneath
Follow the orders or we'll be dead

The light would never down
The time is still walking
The Skycrappers is high
We play the drama on human age

Consume or be consumed
The chain is always tight
On day or even night
This machine would never stopped

Insanity is now
Keep holding or being lost
In this crazy stream
Our life is clearly never safe

We all are blinded by glam of citylight
And never realised that war is all the time

We're not in eyes open
We feel everything's alright
But the truth is all arround
We're all dead by routines

Hide this pale face
Erasing our trace
Numbing our sense
And let yourself tucked into cage
Track Name: Crossing
There's something probably has torqued me in the past
Well take me once more into you
I'll be in power to tidy the collage
Could you please me at this rest of time

We'll fix this messy room
Spread again our piece of dream
Lets break this long silence
Tons of hope I'll Bring into

Its You and Me with the broken road
And I'm to tired of those wasted years
Lets turning on the latern again
Our Storyline hasn't over yet

Open your eyes and your minds
Let this warm cover our souls
Let go all your hatred now
Lets take all those pains from us